Event In The Spotlight

Through all of the possible events: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and more, I would have to say that birthdays are my favorite type of events to attend. On the other hand, weddings would be my favorite type of events to plan.

Birthdays are a great event to attend because they are catered to one person and you get a birthday ever year! Each year can be a different theme and who doesn’t want a party every year? I, personally, will celebrate a new age every single year. I also love to bake and create unique cakes for the birthday boy or girl! One year I even created a minion cake with purple minion cupcakes for a little boy’s birthday and it was the cutest little set up if I do say so myself. I just love the variety in creating that birthday day for someone!

Now, weddings are a second favorite of mine to attend; however, I personally just love the aspect of being there through the whole process and seeing it all come together on that special day. The day is filled with so much love and excitement that it fills my heart. Another plus is wedding food! The food is always so delicious and if you are a guest then it is free! (YUMMMM). Another one of my favorite aspects of weddings is seeing the bride’s dress. I am a dressaholic! There are so many different styles and I love seeing each bride in their perfectly fit dress, twirling around the dance floor. Last but not least, florals are another one of my favorite things at a wedding. I have yet to see any bad florals because I think florals are always pretty and unique!

cake with cupcakesminion cake

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Just Start!

Wake up, get going, and use every day to make something of yourself!

My name is Brittany Pierce and I am an entrepreneur that has an abundance of dreams and goals to last me a lifetime! Ever since I was a little girl I have always dreamt about having a career that didn’t feel like a JOB and more like a VACATION. Who wouldn’t want to be on vacation instead of going to their job, right? With event planning I feel like I get to go on mini vacations with each event because they’re mostly in different locations and they all have new people for me to meet!

Learning in this process of having my own business, I want to give readers some advice:

1. No matter what you do, do it with passion.

2. Don’t settle for anything less than the amazing things you are capable of doing.

3. Dream Big! (There is no such thing as too BIG of dreams or too MANY)

4. NEVER give up!

5. Last, but not least, just START.

There will never be a right time to start. So, take that risk and jump in with all you have. If you really work for what you want, I promise you will do big things.fullsizeoutput_88IMG_2005fullsizeoutput_aIMG_5783